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Welcome to my blog! Around two and a half years ago now, I started this beauty/fashion/food blog that ended up being predominately beauty based. I subscribed to 4 different beauty boxes each month and I lived at home, so I always had quite a bit of disposable income to buy the newest beauty products and test them out, and a lot of spare time to write my posts.

I stopped writing my blog when I began to save up for moving out of my parents house. I didn’t have the same disposable income so I couldn’t be consistent with my posts and I also cancelled my subscription boxes to save some money, too. Since then, I have moved into my own home with my boyfriend, we have a gorgeous little cavapoo puppy called Winston and a Syrian hamster called Lola. A lot has changed in my life since I started this blog, so I’ve decided to relaunch it.

As I now have a house, bills and 2 pets to provide for, I’m not going to continue as a beauty blogger as my money is better spent elsewhere. However, I really like reading other people’s lifestyle blog posts, so I’ve decided to relaunch alittlebitofjessicamae as a lifestyle and experience blog. I will post about a lot of taboo subjects that people don’t tend to talk openly about, but that I find therapeutic to talk about. I usually post about this type of thing on my Facebook profile, and I’ve received many messages from people thanking me for posting them, as it helped them realise they’re not alone.

I find that sharing my experiences provides me with a release, and if I can help one person in the process, then it’s a win/win situation. So stick around if you’d like to hear a little more about me, my life, my experiences and my feelings towards them.

Twitter: @jessicamfindlay

Instagram: _jessicafindlay_

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi 🙂 I love your blog!! I saw that you’re a platinum blonde or well very light blonde as well and am curious whether you do it yourself or go to the hairdresser? Because it looks really well done! xx


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